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    CA Lone Valley

    Client: Abengoa Transmission & Infrastructure, LLC

    The project consisted of trenching and backfilling for 28,000 LF of AC/DC circuit cables to take power from the solar panels back to the generators for the Lone Valley Solar Park. Ferreira utilized offset excavators to be able to carefully work around the existing solar panels and successfully completed all work without damaging any of the panels. Ferreira also screened the on-site excavated materials so the rock could be utilized to line the storm water basins and the remaining material was used to backfill the trenches. This was a fast paced project and we had over 50 workers on the project working seven days per week to maintain schedule.

    This work was performed in the height of summer in the western Mojave Desert with temperatures exceeding 110 degrees. ese di cult working conditions were professionally managed by our team with an emphasis on the safety of our employees. We implemented additional safety measures for our crews with a dedicated water person and required additional breaks to ensure the safety of the workers.