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    CPV Woodbridge Energy Center

    Client: CPV Energy Center

    Ferreira/EJ Electric, JV is doing the following work: 21 Transmission Towers with deep foundations; 10,000 LF of 20” HDPE forced grey water line ; 2,500 LF of 12” HDPE forced sanitary line; 4,000 LF of 20” HDPE grey water line through an existing MCUA tunnel; 2.2 miles of 230KV transmission lines; 3,400 LF of Concrete Encased Duct Bank; 11,130 LF of Directional Drilling under Wetlands and the Raritan River; Two 32” diameter x 1,665 Lf tunnels under wetlands; Two 32” diameter x 2,405 LF Tunnels under the Raritan River; Two 32” diameter x 1,495 LF Tunnels under wetlands; 1.7 miles of underground 230KV direct burial cable; Construction of a new 230KV switchyard at the generation facility; Construction of a 40 LF twin culvert under the Proposed Duct Bank; Upgrades to the existing JCP&L Raritan Sub Station for the utility interconnect.