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    Garden State Parkway P100.267

    Client: New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA)

    Ferreira Construction completed the annual northern bridges repairs and resurfacing contract for 2014. Work under this contract included the replacement of deteriorated concrete bridge deck slabs, repairing of deck spalls, repair and reconstruction of deck joints, header replacement, removal and resurfacing of asphalt pavement, bridge barrier parapet replacement, placement of new membrane waterproofing, resurfacing of asphalt approach roadways, pavement striping, bridge substructure repairs, replacement of laminated elastomeric bearings, structural steel repairs, and maintenance and protection of traffic at seventeen different structures. At each work location, we were charged with performing work depicted in the contract drawings as well as any additional repairs that were deemed necessary based upon conditions uncovered during our work.

    Ferreira Construction was also responsible for providing emergency repair services for the duration of the contract with minimal mobilization times.