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    PSEG Hudson Foundation

    Client: PSE&G

    Ferreira constructed concrete foundations to support major equipment at the PSE&G coal burning plant. Setting the anchor bolts was critical to the construction of plant equipment. Each bolt, measuring 3.5 inches in diameter by 10.5 feet long, had to be set within a tolerance of 1/8”. To achieve this, Ferreira designated a survey crew, specific to anchor bolts, before, during, and after placement of the concrete. The foundations ranged in size from 10 to 1200 cubic yards. Ferreira used 16,000 cubic yards of concrete, 2.5 million pounds of rebar, 1000 anchor bolts, and 3100 LF of electrical duct bank to complete the project. All work was completed in coordination with several other contractors and PSE&G personnel to ensure that plant operations remained active during construction.